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Vectigal provides immediate tax refunds to global investors on their dividend and interest tax reclaim assets from foreign government tax authorities


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Disclaimer: Vectigal is not a tax advisory company; therefore this literature should not be construed as offering tax advice.  All persons should consult with their tax and legal advisors with respect to tax issues.  Furthermore, this literature should not be taken as an offer to buy or sell any securities.

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Our team is dedicated to serving clients and are experts in global securities operations and holdings.  We stand ready to help you.

With global withholding taxes on dividend and interest income at over $200 billion annually, Vectigal stands at the forefront of cross border investment income tax reclaim solutions. 

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Vectigal's story is one of ingenuity where forward thinking brought rise to the patented Vectigal Advantage.

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Our pricing is transparent, fair, and far below prime rate.

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