Vectigal may be a young financial technology startup, but its innovation and commitment to addressing global investors' pain points on foreign dividend and interest tax withholdings is strong.  Vectigal's path began with a simple question - how can we serve global investors better when it comes to withholding tax reclaims?  That question sparked Vectigal's disruptive notion to offer immediate tax refunds to global investors and to eliminate the lag time within the tax reclamation process.

In July 2012 Vectigal received its US Patent #8,234,206 for its method and system for pooling, securitizing, and trading global dividend and interest tax reclaim assets.  This helped pave the way for Vectigal's founding team to continue serving global investors with innovative solutions to address the consequences of cross border taxation.

The company was established as a US Delaware C corporation on September 2013.  January 2014 marked the launch of Vecitgal's fundraising and awareness campaigns, which included a new website, social networking initiatives, and an informative YouTube video.

Vectigal’s patented technology solutions place the company at the forefront for addressing global investors’ tax reclaim pain points. Vectigal provides immediate tax refunds to global investors on their dividend and interest tax reclaim assets from foreign government tax authorities.

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Disclaimer: Vectigal is not a tax advisory company; therefore this literature should not be construed as offering tax advice.  All persons should consult with their tax and legal advisors with respect to tax issues.  Furthermore, this literature should not be taken as an offer to buy or sell any securities.

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