Vectigal’s patented technology solutions place the company at the forefront for addressing global investors’ tax reclaim pain points. Vectigal provides immediate tax refunds to global investors on their dividend and interest tax reclaim assets from foreign government tax authorities.

The Vectigal Advantage is the Solution for You

Costly Administrative Expenses

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For additional information on Vectigal's solutions, please Contact Us to see how our services will benefit you and your clients. 

For additional information on Vectigal's solutions, please Contact Us to see how our services will benefit you. 

Global Investors are Relieved from the Tax Reclamation Process

Depending on the jurisdictional tax market, it could take anywhere from 6 months to 7 years for global investors to collect on their filed tax reclaim assets.

The Vectigal Advantage

Global Investors' Pain Points

Our patented solutions address global investors’ pain points on taxable cross border investment income:

Vectigal Eliminates Global Investors' Pain Points

Vectigal Advantage

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Over-taxation of dividend and interest income effectively reduces the overall performance of portfolios as global investors do not receive the intended full benefits of their investments. Eventually when the tax reclaim assets are paid by foreign government tax authorities, the assets’ values are greatly reduced as a result of the abovementioned pain points.

With the Vectigal Advantage, global investors receive two payments at the same time:

1. Net dividend and interest payment from the foreign withholding agent.

2. Proceeds of the tax refund amount in all jurisdictional tax markets.

In light of the market challenges on cross border dividend tax reclamation, Vectigal's patented technology stands at the forefront by effectively eliminating the waiting period for global investors to collect on their dividend tax reclaim assets.  Vectigal provides this solution as follows:

  • A global investor sells its tax reclaim assets in a private deal to Vectigal.

  • Vectigal provides immediate T+1 (Trade Date + 1) tax refund payments in all jurisdictional tax markets.

The diagrams below highlight the current tax reclamation process (left diagram) and the Vectigal patented technology solutions and their contributions to the tax reclaim filing process (right diagram):

Lengthy Tax Reclamation Periods

Immediate refund of tax reclaim assets allows global investors to pursue other investment opportunities and improve returns on investments.

While tax reclaim assets remain in the treasuries of foreign government tax authorities, global investors have zero utility of tax reclaim assets and these assets are not adjusted for the time value of money when paid.

Zero Utility of Tax Reclaim Assets

Immediate Tax Relief

Disclaimer: Vectigal is not a tax advisory company; therefore this literature should not be construed as offering tax advice.  All persons should consult with their tax and legal advisors with respect to tax issues.  Furthermore, this literature should not be taken as an offer to buy or sell any securities.

Sub-par Portfolio Performance

Vectigal Improves Return on Investment

The high fees associated with tax reclamation filings effectively reduce the value of tax reclaim assets for global investors. Furthermore, with lengthy tax reclamation periods, it’s very expensive for global investors to maintain the administrative infrastructure necessary to manage the tax reclamation process.

Ownership of the tax reclaim assets are assigned to Vectigal in all jurisdictional tax markets.  Therefore, global investors are relieved from the administrative expenses of tax reclamation.

Immediate Tax Refund to Global Investors